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How are you feeling these days?

  • Are you constantly feeling sluggish?
  • Do you find your days lacking true joy?
  • Is it hard to tell if your regular workouts are really working?
  • Do you struggle to find a fitness routine?
  • Is it hard to remember to work out?
  • Are you looking for a way to fight heart disease and extend your life?

Overcome the “Sitting Disease”

SwingMove was created for people of all ability levels to get moving. By using techniques from tai chi, qigong, and other movement programs, SwingMove has created

“SwingMove changed my life! I have more energy at home and at work, and it’s so easy to do!”


“Moving for just 10 minutes a day can increase your life by 10 years. SwingMove’s movement program has the potential to undo the effects of the sitting disease and add years to your life.”

—Dr. Theresa Oswald, MD

Moving For Everyone

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