SwingMove is a Fun, Fast and Easy revolutionary movement program based on Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and western exercises designed to strengthen your core, increase circulation, enhance muscle vitality, balance and get your whole body moving for better health – “A body in motion stays in motion.”

That’s the best part of SwingMove – Medical testimony agrees – “ Any movement/exercise is key to better health and less disease. * SwingMove can be done in small easy “bite-size” time periods. Three to five minutes, several times a day of the easy movements will just make you feel better, put a smile on your face a spring in your step!
SwingMove can be done ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, BY ANYONE. Standing, Sitting, Lying down – At the office, watching TV, first thing in the morning while in bed.

NO, No Special equipment required, no gym clothes or mat – Just use the SwingMove specially designed Kinetic Anchors – The SwingMove “Squeezers” Everyone loves our Squeezers but you can add additional benefits by using 1-2 plus pound weights. Extra Squeezer sets available at www.SwingMove.com

  • SwingMove Guidebook– Walks you step-by-step through the movements and shows you how fun it is to be a SwingMover.
  • SwingMove Video Access– Move right along with the master himself, while he guides you through the core movements.
  • SwingMove Kinetic Anchors– Our “squeezers” promote blood flow, lower blood pressure, and even develop your core.
  • SwingMove Bookmark– A handy tool you can take with you as a reminder to get MOVING.
  • Special VIP-only Online Content– Including messages from SwingMove® founder, Russell Cleveland, special interviews, and inspiring video testimonials of people that are already involved in SwingMove®.
  • A Special Video– “Standing In Your Radiance”
  • Early Access to SwingMove App– 6 month unlimited access to our smartphone app when it is launched for early subscribers.

SwingMove is currently being offered at the low introductory offer of $29.95 and our 100% Money Back Guarantee, if not completely satisfied.

As in any exercise or gym program, SwingMove program is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of your healthcare provider . Regularly consult your physician in matters relating to your own health and health care. If you have a medical question about your wellness program, please consult your heathcare provider.

NO, SwingMove has special movement programs for young children –“ The Eagle, etc xxxxxxxx and see the testimony of our youngest of heart, Alice Cosner, Boca Raton, FL., who turns 99 in October 2019.

Not, yet. TheSwingMove App is in development but be on the lookout for announcements in the next few months.

Absolutely! First consult with your physician for his approval but SWINGMOVE was designed to be effective and easy to do standing, sitting, and lying down. Common sense should prevail if you have any intravenous tubes or other medical paraphernalia not to disturb any tubes or bags during movements.

SwingMove was developed to combat our nation’s epidemic of the “sitting disease”. The Repercussions of sitting too long are deadly – Causing acute and chronic diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease, neck and back strains, foggy brain, obesity and muscle degeneration.

Every hour of television watched may reduce our lifespan by an average of 21.8 minutes. Smoking a cigarette, on the other hand, reduces our lifespan by about 11 minutes. —British Journal of Sports Medicine

Approximately 36 percent of adults in the United States do not engage in any physical activity in their free time. Lack of physical activity accounts for 22 percent of coronary heart disease, 22 percent of colon cancer, 18 percent of osteoporotic fractures, 12 percent of diabetes and hypertension, and 5 percent of breast cancer. —Science Daily

At least 100 million Americans live with chronic pain, with the resulting treatments and productivity loss costing an estimated $635 billion. —Harvard

Too much sitting is linked to serious disease and premature death. —Harvard Health Publications

SwingMove was developed by Russell G. Cleveland of Dallas Texas. Mr. Cleveland has been highly successful in the world of finance and asset management for over 6 decades, author if several books including his acclaimed “ The Midas Touch”, Founder of Renn Capital, member of many board of directors; apart from his business acumen and success, Mr. Cleveland is internationally known for is Classical Guitar collection, his decades of studying and practicing Tai Chi and other forms of movement and his philanthropy. He has made a major commitment to help our nation to combat the Sitting Disease through SwingMove.

No worries! If you are not 100% completely satisfied, we will return 100% of your purchase guarantee less shipping costs.

Direct Sales: Call the SwingMove toll free number (800- 346- 3155)