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Why Move?

Medical research says moving is necessary for physical and mental health.
People doing SwingMove say it also just feels good and is a lot of fun.

Beat the Screen Disease!

It was in response to the epidemic of screen disease that SwingMove was developed. SwingMove is a new revolutionary movement program based on Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and western exercises, and is a low impact that can be done anywhere with no special clothing. It has been designed to accommodate all body types and states of health, for even if you are immobile it can even be done sitting or lying down.

Instead of taking a pill every day, make it your goal to simply move every day. And then you will reclaim your health!

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The Tiger Walk

Our most popular “go-to movement” is the Tiger Walk, a great all-body move. You can do the Tiger Walk fast, slow, big or small! Do this and your body will thank you!

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12 Reasons to SwingMove

I Can Do This!

For three years, I have practiced SwingMove, which I have come to know as the magic of movement. In ten minutes, I am refreshed, relaxed, and have clarity in my thinking.

Ric, PHD

At my desk feeling fatigued and stiff, time to get up and start SwingMoving. Feeling good and refreshed.

Carol, Office Worker

SwingMove has become part of my life, thank you.

Kathryn, Office Manager

Doing them is a great way to start the day!

Elliott, Writer

I find the SwingMove activities to be thrilling statements of my own aliveness and they are so good for the goal of achieving whatever I want in life.

Richard, Therapist

Ready to Make a Move?

SwingMove is moving for everyone!
Start moving and you’ll feel energized, stress-free,
and maybe add years to your life.

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